Teaching and Collaboration


My teaching experience is extensive, although perhaps not traditional. I began my professional career as a teacher. After completing a Master of Arts in Education with an emphasis on instruction and curriculum design, I spent two years teaching secondary science courses.

My interest in teaching fueled the first stage of my career in academic libraries, where I focused on designing, implementing and assessing scientific information literacy workshops and training modules for university undergraduate and graduate students, as well as for faculty and staff.

My doctoral research was embedded at a data archive, rather than at a university; my teaching in this period was also workshop-centered. Examples of recent workshops and teaching are listed below; further details about workshops and courses are listed on my full CV available for download on the About page.

  • University of Vienna and University of Ottawa (2021-2022): Invited guest lectures in Information Science and Data Visualization for Masters students
  • Data Archiving and Networked Services (2018-2019): Co-designed training program for visiting library and information science graduate students from the University of Washington (USA). Designed and delivered lectures and workshops on data search practices.  
  • Technical University of Munich (2015-2016): Collaborated to design and teach bibliometric and research impact workshops for graduate students and researchers in both German and English. Designed and taught information literacy workshops (in German and English) for civil & environmental engineering graduate students.
  • University of Denver (2012-2014): Designed and taught stand-alone and embedded information literacy workshops in science and engineering for both bachelors and graduate students. Collaborated with science faculty to redesign introductory courses in biology and chemistry to include extensive information literacy components.  Quadrupled the overall number of information literacy workshops given in science and engineering in a 2-year period. Mentored graduate students in library & information science.


I have fostered collaborations with researchers throughout Europe and North America. I believe that connecting and collaborating with international colleagues is key to stimulate new ideas, projects and research directions, and I welcome new opportunities. I have been an invited contributor to international workshops in computer science and research data management, including:

  • (2020-2021). Invited contributor, European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) Co-Creation workshops for Getting merits for creating FAIR research data and Creating RESPONSIBLE career merit information
  • (2019). Contributor, Library Carpentry-Mozilla Global Sprint, Top 10 FAIR Data & Software Things

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