Interdisciplinary & international

The connecting thread in my work is an interest in how scientific information, particularly data, is managed, understood and used in academic and public spheres.  My current research project at the University of Vienna focuses on how data visualizations related to climate change and COVID-19 are produced and understood. I am also working on a research project at at the Scholarly Communications Lab in Canada which focuses on data citation practices in research, which builds on my doctoral work which investigated data discovery and reuse in the context of informing the development of data search systems. I am a guest researcher at the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) at Leiden University and was also recently engaged as an expert consultant on a project investigating the role of research data in the responsible assessment of academic careers (2020-2021).

My educational background mirrors the interdisciplinarity of my work. My bachelor’s degree (magna cum laude) is in the life sciences (BSc in neuroscience, 1999), which I followed with a master’s degree in education (MA in 2002). After spending some years teaching high school chemistry, I pursued another master’s degree in library & information science (MSc in 2010). I had the pleasure of working as an academic science librarian before my research interests led me to conduct doctoral research in the field of science & technology studies (PhD, 2021, cum laude).

Born in the USA, I have now lived and worked in four countries, and have enjoyed developing research collaborations which cross even more borders. My work has taken me from Colorado (University of Denver) to Germany (Technical University of Munich) to the Netherlands (Data Archiving and Networked Services, an institute of the Royal Netherlands Academy for Arts & Sciences) to Austria (University of Vienna). You can find more details in my full CV.

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