Invited Conference Presentations 

Koesten, L. & Gregory, K. (2022, May). Talking Charts: How are everyday visualisations produced and understood? Presented at Data Stories 2022, Central European University, Vienna, Austria.

Gregory, K. (2021, October). Placing data citations in context: A bibliometrics perspective. Presented at Research Data Alliance 18th Plenary Meeting, online.

Gregory, K. (2021, October). Users and their meta data needs. Presented at ASIS&T 2021 Annual Meeting, Salt Lake City/online.

Gregory, K. (2021, July). Bringing data in sight: Data citations in research. Presented at Forum Bibliometrie 2021, Technical University of Munich, online.

Gregory, K. (2020, November). Sensemaking through storytelling: Understanding data for reuse. Presented at Data Stories Symposium, online.

Gregory, K., Groth, P. (2019, October). Seeking data: A use (user) case. Presented at Kick-off Meeting for GO Inter Implementation Network, Cologne, Germany

Gregory, K. (2019, March). Findable and Reusable? A sociotechnical perspective on data search and reuse. Presented at International Open Science Conference, Berlin, Germany. Slides available at:

Gregory, K. (2017, February). Where are my data? Steps to improve a data search engine. Presented at 4th Annual KnowEscape Conference, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Gregory, K. (2013, June). Searching the literature: A librarian’s perspective on alternatives to animal testing. Presented at the IACUC Administrator’s Best Practices Meeting, Denver, CO.

Invited Talks and Lectures

Gregory, K. (2023, April). The value of open data: A meta-research(er) perspective. Presented at AGU/CHORUS Forum: How open is open data and software? Online. Slides available:

Gregory, K. (2023, March). Human-centered data discovery: What we know and where we are going. Presented at Fostering Data Findability in a Changing Ecosystem: Consortium for the Social, Behavioral, Educational and Economic Sciences, online. Slides available: 

Gregory, K. (2023, February). Tensions in data sharing and reuse: The perspective of researchers. Presented at the Open Access Scholarly Publishing Association (OASPA) Webinar Series, online. Recording available:

Gregory K. (2022, December). Cultural data analysis: What, how and why do we care? Presented at the Department of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Gregory, K. (2022, June). Making sense of data: In and through new media objects. Presented at the Department of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Gregory, K. (2022, April). Research data management: A sociotechnical challenge. Presented at the Department of Informatics. Technical Univeristy of Munich, online.

Gregory, K. (2022, February). The flip side of FAIR: How do researchers find and reuse data? Presented at FAIR Coffee Lecture Series, Maastricht University, online.

Gregory, K. (2021, December). Stories of seeking data: Data discovery practices in research. Presented at Data, Archives, and Information Seminar (DAIS), University of Michigan, online.

Gregory, K. (2021, October). The hidden work of sharing and reusing data: The researchers’ perspective. University of Antwerp, Open Access Week, online.

Gregory, K. (2021, October). Disciplining Data. Presented at CAPTURE Talk Series, Uppsala University, online  

Gregory, K. (2021, January). Lessons learned: Approaches and results for studying data discovery practices. Presented at GESIS Seminar Series, online.

Gregory, K.; Glas, C.; Cepinskas, L. (2020, November). FAIR-Aware: From depositing to discovering data. Presented at The Netherland Data Prize: Together We Share, online.

Gregory, K. (2020, October). Data needs and discovery practices: Results and design considerations. Presented at ODDISEI meeting, online.

Gregory, K. (2020, August). Three years of studying data discovery practices: Approaches and results. Presented at RDA Data Discovery Interests Paradigms Interest Group, User Studies, online.

Gregory, K. (2020, April). Reflecting on data papers. Presented at Elsevier Research Data Management Team Meeting, online.

Gregory, K. (2019, June). Discovering data: for reuse: Practices of data search.  Presented as part of Elsevier Labs Online Lecture Series.

Gregory, K. (2019, April). Finding and reusing research data. Presented as part of the LIBER webinar series on research data management. Slides available at: Recording available at:

Gregory, K. (2014, June). Meeting requirements for alternatives searches: Information for IACUCs and investigators. Presented at National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare Online Seminar Series. Available at:

Conference Presentations

Gregory, K. (2019, October). Lost or found? Discovering data for research. Presented at Research Data Alliance Plenary 14, Data Discovery Paradigms Interest Group, Helsinki, Finland.

Gregory, K. (2016, November). “Sie haben Post” – Bibliometrische Dienstleistungen der Universitätsbibliothek für Wissenschaft und Verwaltung der Technischen Universität München. Presented at Forum Bibliometrie, Munich, Germany.

Gregory, K. (2016, October). Close Collaborations: Developing Bibliometric Services for University Management and Academic Staff. Presented at IATUL Seminar: Linking Up, Cooperation Strategies in Academic Libraries, Bolzano, Italy.

Gregory, K., Bowers, J. (2014, July). Data management support: First steps in implementing research data services. Presented at Alliance Research Data Management Conference, Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries, Denver, CO.

Poster Presentations (peer-reviewed)

Gregory, K. (2019, April). Discovering data: Practices of data search and reuse. Presented at 13th Research Data Alliance Plenary Meeting, Philadelphia, PA. Poster available at:

Gregory, K. (2014, June). Entering the fray: Strategies for beginning research data management services. Presented at ALA Annual Conference, ACRL Science and Technology Section Poster Session, Las Vegas, NV. Available at:

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